About RTA

Established in 1991, Roofing Technology Associates, Ltd. (RTA) is a team of qualified and experienced professionals specifically trained to be problem solvers. RTA is a full-service roof consulting firm, focused solely on roofs.
The firm was established by founding partners Michael V. Mathers, RRC, Michael C. Bode, RRC, and Michael W. Wilkinson, RRC. Our goal is to maximize the value that clients receive from our roof consulting services. We accomplish that goal by stressing quality and thoroughness on all of our projects. The expertise of our staff has been gained through formal education in construction technology, extensive educational training in architecture and roofing, and experience through participation in hundreds of roofing projects during the past three decades. Our unique staff of consultants work full-time within the discipline of roofing in order to provide the highest degree of expertise possible to our clients.

We serve the best interests of our clients by providing roof evaluations, investigations, planning, design, and quality assurance services for roofing projects. RTA is an independent roof consultant firm and is not affiliated with any material manufacturer or contracting firm.

Our daily experience in the industry provides a wealth of expertise for
designing new roofs, as well as, roof repair and reroofing projects. We
provide custom solutions for each roof based upon each building's
unique usage, construction environment, and location requirements.

Our staff has provided various roof consulting services for clients across the United States. We have performed services on projects located in 25 states. Our projects have involved numerous types of facilities including retail, educational, industrial, commercial, multi-family residential and institutional facilities.

Based on our combined roof consulting experience of over 100 years,
RTA seeks to provide a problem-free, serviceable life from your roofing
not just a quick fix for today's leak, which may lead to bigger,
more expensive problems down the road.

In roofing, which is the most litigated segment of the construction
industry, you need a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and objective partner
to ensure quality work. You can count on RTA to stand behind our
services. We are professional consultants who are committed to
the roofing industry for the long haul.